Monday, September 28, 2015


The Gamification wiki made by the sites owner explains what gamification is all about. He/She uses formal writing to express how serious the words meaning is. With excellent use of syntax "The oldest example of are frequent flyer programs...". The intended audience is for young adults and anyone above the knowledge of standard psychology. The message in the article is explaining what gamification is and how it effects daily life.

Gamer Toxicity made by Alexandru "Dredd" Sirbu explains what toxicity is, how it happens, and how it can be avoided. The article is written in a casual informal style using "jolly good time" and "exploding fits of rage". the article is in short informative paragraphs intended for young people who are wondering about the topic. The author relates to the readers by explaining his own experience in this topic. The purpose of the writing is to inform people on how serious toxicity can be.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations by Gabe Zicherman talks about the meaning and uses of the words Intrinsic and Extrinsic. The article is formal writing with broad expansive paragraphs "this emerging discipline". This article is more pointed to people to new to psychology. The purpose of the writing was to teach about the subject.

Presence by Social Sciences explains what presence means, what it is, and how it happens. The writing is setup in internet style with very large on going paragraphs and formal writing. A lot of the sentences are questions followed up by answers. The purpose of the writing is too teach young people how presence.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Can Video Games Invoke the feeling of loss?

For a long time video games have been debated on whether or not they are an art form and as such should be treated like art. I do believe that games can be art because the definition for art fits with video games as well
"the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power." and now I ask the question
"Can we feel loss from a video game"
Yes losing at a game can make you upset but that is not exactly what I'm asking. I'm asking if losing a character in a game could make you feel a deeper meaning or provoke thought.

 Yannick LeJacq from kotaku gave a example on why he has regretted killing in video games, in his play session of Mass Effect 3 towards the end (Spoiler) he was given the choice to annihilate one of two civilizations in he choose to save a character named Tali
"I thought she was a more useful party member to have around for the final section of the game."
and as soon as the other civilization was destroyed he immediately was saddened by what he just did then asking himself
"here I was letting an entire civilization die just because I didn't need another guy who was good with sniper rifles in my party? Who did I think I was?"

In my own experience I was playing Dark Souls a very difficult Action role-playing game. In the game I met a "firekeeper" who was locked behind bars and couldn't speak even though this character had little development I felt some connection with her and visited periodically when I came across the area. Soon enough though, as the story progressed she was killed. I was very hurt when I found out someone I released from another prison killed her. And so set off a quest of revenge until I finally brought her back and with a voice which made the struggle all the more worth.

So the question is: Can we feel loss from a video game    


My blog is about Psychology in Games. I'm going to talk about how different games invoke or make you think about yourself, the world around you, or big other ideas that you wouldn't have realized without the media itself.

I choose this topic because video games have made a very big effect on my life and in some ways had made me a better person through it.

I'll be researching all types of articles on the topic and be watching a web show (Extra Credits) that has already did a lot of similar talks about stuff like this but I will try to differ from them. I want people to realize there is so much more to video games than just a waste of time, that there is so much more to be explored.

When I make a post I would like to hear from whether you agree or disagree with a discussion, and personal experiences. Lastly no trolls please and if you don't know what a troll exactly is, "a person who invokes rage for their own personal enjoyment" so don't do that. I'm ready to discuss about these video games: Fallout series, Elderscrolls series, Battlefield series, Call of Duty, Halo series, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Until Dawn, Smite, MMO's, and some indie games