Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Game Play In the Trinity

So when it comes down to it "What is Game-play" well it is what you are able to do in the game and not only what you can do, but is it fun to do those things. These games don't have to look good, they don't even need to have good story they just need to be fun. Call of Duty has one of the most integrated multiplayer of any game because who buys this game for its story? And of course it is gonna look its best every year that it comes out because we don't care about the story we want to use all the new weapons and perks and go play some team death match or anything other than the campaign. Now Dark Souls isn't the best looking game out there but its challenging and a challenging, fair game is fun, just look at any puzzle game on the mobile market and you'll see people love a challenge. Not only that but Dark Sous story is amazing but you don't even need to know it to play the game. We already talked about Minecraft's success but this game literally has no true story to it "Your in this world get to the end" that's it, that's all you get from this game, but it is very fun and rewarding to play not only that but you can let your imagination run wild with the possibilities in this game. But Borderlands tries to hit all three of points with its okay story and beautiful and fun play style. There are plenty of games out there that don't have good game play then you might think "Well then wouldn't that mean the game isn't fun" and you would be wrong because some games don't need the player to be able to do a thousand things to be fun.

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  1. I agree in some sense but sometimes the main story of the game helps the game play itself. I agree with your comment saying that " some games don't need the player to be able to do a thousand things to be fun a good example of this is tetras. tetras doesn't let you do anything besides move the pieces but tetras is an instant classic that people have derived hours of fun game play from, tetras even helps improve you thinking in situations.