Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Graphics/Aesthetics in the Gaming Trinity

These games are like billboards they look great but the thing they sell are not always the best. These games are more for the experience than game-play usually visual games like these are horror themed as most horror games are just walking simulators. But Until Dawn is what happens when you pair both story and aesthetics to make a great horror game and it is not just a walking simulator, its a running simulator. Katamari Damacy all you have to do is push a ball and grow bigger of course certain challenges are also in the game as well but everyone will say that the best part of this game is the colorful graphics and catchy music. Until Dawn and P.T. are the same when it comes to unraveling a mystery of whats going on and will constantly scare you with impressive almost realistic visuals. As for Oxenfree is also a mystery horror but the game-play and the aesthetics work together as when you tune a radio the visuals of the game shift as you move the tuning needle.

So if anyone knows how to make a video game and wants some help figuring out how to make a great game for all to play just look at the Trinity for help. You can also pin point certain qualities to the Trinity as well so it might help you better understand the game you're playing. I hope that I at least taught someone that video games take on very different forms to fit certain types of people or even gotten someone into one of the games I talked about here.

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