Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Story in the Gaming Trinity

Story is usually the meat of a game, its what gets you in the mood to be apart of the world they are showering you with things like Interesting Characters, and a amazing world with its own ethos. These games are far from having the most engaging Game-play or the most pleasing Graphics but the story is what drives you on. The need to have a resolve to all the conflict and to see what happens in the end sometimes even having multiple ending to make you play through them another time. The Last of Us is a great example of this as many people who have played this game always complain how the fighting mechanics in it are slow and not very fine tuned but everybody knows this game for its story and the beautiful graphics it shows. Undertale is lacking in graphics and game-play but it uses different ending and a engaging story to push you to play through the whole thing. These do tend to have a more aesthetic so they are more pleasing to watch also filled with cut scenes to convey the story.

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